Thursday, October 17, 2013

To the 9's | A Black, White & Red Halloween


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  •  I am not big on those big, puffy, or whimsical fonts, so this font is the perfect Halloween font without all the showboating that some of those crazy fonts have going on. 
  • I love this printable because I am a huge fan of the 80's movies, and Ghostbusters is definitely a favorite and on my list of Halloween movies to watch every year!
  • Sometimes you just don't want the typical orange pumpkins and scarecrows adorning your porch. This is definitely a look that fits my style. 
  • Black candy apples? More like poison apples! I need to make these immediately!
  • These grenadine syringes for Shirley Temple drinks are the perfect addition to any Halloween party! I bet these could be used for "adult" drinks too!
  • I want these spider plates like it's nobody's business! They are beautiful and creepy all at the same time and would love to eat my dinner from them every day of October!
  • If I were dressing up this year, I would love to dress up as Mary Poppins! One of my favorite movies as a child. 
  • Giving out treats to your friends this Halloween? Maybe even those black apples? These would look so awesome as gift tags on your poison apples!
  • I have seen everyone painting pumpkins this year! This is a quick and simple pumpkin painting craft for kids of all ages. Red legged spiders would be pretty creepy!

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