Thursday, October 10, 2013

To the 9's | Halloween Love

I've said it 2.4 million times, and I will say it again... Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I couldn't go without sharing some of my favorite Halloween things and Pinterest finds lately.


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  • That font is basically Ichabod Cranes handwriting turned into a font. Elegant and creepy all at the same time. 
  • I framed this Trick-or-Treat print and have it sitting on the bench near our front door. 
  • Good Housekeeping has some great ideas for decorating your home for Halloween!
  • I have been making these dirt cups for several years and my kids love them. Such a quick and simple snack!
  • Vampire Halloween party anyone? 
  • These Hocus Pocus pillows remind me of one of my favorite Halloween movies. Can you guess what movie that is?
  • I had this big plan that my kids would be doing the whole Little Red Riding Hood theme for Halloween this year. It still might happen, but I think the fact that Elijah is set on being Iron Man may put a damper on my little dream. I just might have to dress up as Red myself. Jason can be the handsome huntsman!
  • Still reminding you to always encourage others. Making these treat bags as a random act of kindness have been a great way to teach our kids to give to others.
  • Fun and simple craft for kids. A great thing for those fine motor skills of little ones too!

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