Friday, November 22, 2013

Expanding Creativity and Building Stronger Relationships with RoseArt

Recently, Jason and I have been eliminating many of the toys our children own in an attempt to restore a bit of the simplicity we once had. Even as we head into the holidays, we will continue to be very selective in what we choose for our children to play with. Our selections will be based on the creative and/or educational aspects of them. We want our children to have items that provide opportunities for them to either get up and move, use their imagination, express themselves creatively, or learn something.

Not once in our process of elimination had I considered getting rid of our art materials. Therefor, I immediately approved of adding the RoseArt Extreme Airbrush Studio to our home. Arts and crafts ideas are a wonderful way for children to creatively express themselves as unique individuals.


Eliminating the excess was also an attempt to reduce sibling rivalry and encourage sharing, teamwork, and togetherness... something we have most definitely struggled with lately. It's no secret that Phoenix and Tyler don't get along, so when I was provided the opportunity to try out the RoseArt Extreme Airbrush Studio, I was a little leary about whether they would be able to successfully work together to share the one item. However, once the studio was assembled, Phoenix and Tyler were able to get started quickly and easily, and surprisingly, without any problems of sharing.


The Extreme Airbrush Studio contents included a set of 15 markers and 5 chipboard stencils. While one was using the airbrush, the other was still able to use the stencils and markers to continue creating. They even welcomed Elijah to the table to join them. As a mother, it warmed my heart to see my children working alongside of one another, peacefully, and with smiles on their faces.


The RoseArt Extreme Airbrush Studio was easy for my children to use, even for Elijah who is only 4. The motorized set is battery operated and comes neatly in one small caddy that holds the markers, stencils and the airbrush that is both lightweight and portable. The kit allows children to turn any RoseArt Super Tip Marker into airbrush paint. It was definitely a success in our home and we are even planning to use it to create holiday cards for family and friends very soon.

Check out how awesome the RoseArt Extreme Airbrush Studio is for yourself:

Great News from RoseArt!

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  • Exciting News! Walmart has just released their Black Friday specials and starting at 6pm on Thursday, November 28th, the Air Brush Studio will be $10 off. Be sure to scoop up this great holiday gift for the low price of $9.97

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