Monday, November 11, 2013

Feeding a Picky Eater with NurturMe Infant and Toddler Foods


If you've been around here long enough, then you know that Elijah has been, by far, my pickiest eater ever. One of his favorite meals is when I make him a plate of fingers foods. Just the other day, I filled a plate with a peanut butter sandwich, carrots, cucumbers, and black olives with ranch on the side, cheese cubes, turkey slices, applesauce, half a banana, and a small handful of chips. It was a huge plate of food and he ate every bit of it. However, I don't believe in substituting meals for the sake of one person who doesn't like what I fix, nor am I willing to prepare a plate like this at every meal for him. I prefer to prepare meals as close to, if not the same as what we are eating as a whole family.

NurturMe recently sent me this incredible package of their organic infant and toddler foods, but I was a little hesitant to try them because even though their packaging states that they are for children up to 4 years old, I was certain he wouldn't be willing to eat "baby food" again. However, when I opened the box, I discovered that not only were these foods great for children just starting new foods and flavors, but they came with examples of how these foods could be mixed with other prepared foods for older children. Yes, basically, you sneak the healthy stuff in with other foods!


One of the first things I tried was mixing the scrumptious squash with a baked sweet potato. I baked a sweet potato until it was done, mashed it up inside, sprinkled some of the squash on top, added a little butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar, and mixed it all together. He had absolutely no idea and ate every bite. But, I know what you might be thinking. That it was already a somewhat healthy meal, minus the butter and sugar.

Another time, I prepared macaroni and cheese according to the directions, then added a package of the NurturMe carrots and mixed it in. Not only did Elijah not know, he ate the entire serving. I have also added Nurture Me foods to pasta sauce, oatmeal, Greek yogurt, and even my homemade muffins, for him. I love that there are so many great flavor combinations that you can't find in other infant and toddler foods. However, the best part is that NurturMe products make it so simple to create your own flavor combos as well.


Check out this awesome video to find out more about how awesome and convenient NurturMe infant and toddler foods truly are.

Elijah's terrible eating habits have always been a little frustrating for me, as it probably is for so many other parents, because I only want the very best for my child. I have always envisioned my children asking for carrots over chips, or sitting down to dinner and devouring all the veggies on their plate, but that's not always the case. I want to know that I did my job as a mother to provide him with healthy and nutritious meals, even if I have to sneak in the good stuff so he will eat it. Using NurturMe foods definitely helps put my mind at ease.

Have you ever tried sneaking veggies into your child's foods? Could they tell the difference?

I was sent NurturMe products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. Six Cherries on Top Disclaimer/Terms of Use

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