Friday, November 15, 2013

My Birthday Wish List

November 30 is my birthday, so naturally I have been daydreaming about what I would love to have for my special day. I actually told everyone who knows me that I would like to have money since we are making big strides toward finally moving in 2014. But, of course, everyone loves a gift, so I have been keeping this mental list of things I would like to have. As I started to construct my list, I realized that they centered around three different activities:

A Birthday Spent Relaxing:


1. I am in love with everything over at Terrain, including this Fireside Throw. I don't believe in collecting anything that doesn't serve a purpose, so I tend to collect blankets because I know I can always use them. 

2. This time of year is perfect for a pair of warm slippers and these crochet slippers from Jay's Boutique remind me of a pair I used to own.

3. While I am being lazy, I might as well enjoy some tea from Necessiteas. I'll take the Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle, Cinnamon Bear, Cranberry Autumn, and EggNaughTea, if you don't mind!

4. And of course, what's a lazy day without a horror movie on the TV. The Conjuring is at the top of my list to own right now. 

A Birthday for the Blogger in Me:


5. Originally, I wanted an Erin Condren planner, but as I started looking around, I came across this fabulous Plum Paper Designs Family Planner that I love even more. With these family planners, I can use one planner for everything instead of having one for family, one for blogging, and so on.

6. Papermate Flair Pens are my absolute favorite but every time I buy them, someone steals them from me. I am down to 2 pens from my last pack, so it's definitely time for a new set. Especially if I am getting that planner. Who writes in a new planner with old pens? Am I right?

7. Blogstomp makes blogging so easy. I have been using it for a couple of days now as a trial, but would love to have the full version.

8. I have Natalie to thank for wanting this Eat, Blog, Love coffee mug from Crystal Faye so bad. I almost always have a cup of coffee with me when I blog, so this mug is perfect!

A Birthday on the Town:

il_570xN.518353742_64gfon model_edited-1minnetonkaphoto1

9. I am totally in love with this 30 Latitude scarf and know it would go with so many different outfits. It can even be dressed up or down.

10. I have been needing a new purse and love that you can fully customize your entire bag at Better Life Bags. I think the Cindi with Bow is the perfect bag for me.

11. I have also been dying for a pair of Minnetonka mocs. I am all about comfort over anything else so these are the shoes for me. Not to mention, prices are FABULOUS!

12. And I figured, if I am gonna get all dressed up, I might as well head out to a Carolina Hurricanes hockey game with my main man! Hockey is my sport of choice every time.

So tell me, is your birthday coming up? If so, what is on your birthday wish list?

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