Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sartorial Kid | Radio Flyer

I have really been loving all of the fall and winter clothes I have gotten for Elijah lately. I wanted pieces that he could wear for play and still work for church on Sundays too. Button up shirts are perfect for him because he can wear them open with one of his super hero T-shirts underneath or buttoned and ready for church. These shirts are great for layering a coat on top or even a handsome little sweater.


Children's fashion and dressing my children up nicely is very important to me. I love this dapper little dude! A lot of people mistake dressing nicely as having to spend a lot of money. I have six kids! I can't afford to spend a lot on clothes, but I can promise you that my children are always dressed top notch.

Luckily, Elijah hasn't hit that stage where he wants to make his own clothing choices or argues about what I put on him. I honestly don't even know if that is something I will have to go through with a boy. But, my girls...whoa! They have all gone through that and I just had to brush it off and pick my battles. So, while I have this opportunity, I am enjoying it.


Button up shirt: Baby Gap, thrifted with tags $2
Jeans: Old Navy, $10
Bow Tie: Tiny Ties, giveaway win
Shoes: Pediped, giveaway win
Belt: Tony Hawk for Kohl's, gifted

Linking up with Our Holly Days for Sartorial Kid Wednesday. 

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