Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Polyvore Files | Around the Fire Pit

Friday was Jason's birthday, but unfortunately we were unable to celebrate it with him that day because he is on Guard duty this weekend. Therefor, we plan to celebrate when he gets home today. We are currently watching every dime spent as we try to increase our savings, which means birthdays and holidays will be more about experiences than monetary gifts. Honestly, does that sound so bad?

Not that this was going to be much of a surprise, especially since I know Jason reads my blog faithfully, but I have intentions of doing a little celebration around the fire pit. I have a couple of other ideas, but I will share those later if they come together like the vision in my head. Plus, why ruin the whole surprise, right?


Sharing with Natalie over at Revel and Design.

It's NaBloPoMo, which means I will be blogging every day in November. I do hope you will follow along here

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