Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Unwrapped at Crossroads Fellowship

The church our family attends had its huge Christmas event this past Wednesday. From the moment I found out about this wonderful family event, I knew I wanted to go. I text Amanda immediately to invite her and her family, and we made plans to attend together.

I can still hardly believe this was a 100% free event because of all it had to offer and the number of people who attend (close to 10,000 people). Our church truly is a church that loves to give back to the community. The kids had a blast and it was a wonderful opportunity for Amanda and I to spend some BFF time together.

Sometimes you have to throw all of your notions about great photos out the window and just enjoy the moment. These photos are horrible quality but I still love them. I didn't want this to turn into one of those times where the perfect photo was constantly on my mind. The lighting in the church was dim and my Canon doesn't have an on board flash, so I relied on auto for most of my pictures so I wouldn't have to be fiddling with manual settings all night.


In Candyland, the kids got to play games, received a bag of candy, and got their face painted. With as many people that were there, lines were surprisingly quick to get through. They even had fun playing with the nativity puppets. Check out Elijah sword fighting up there with the wise men staffs. Typical boy!


No surprise that one of my favorite little stops was at the Christmas Jazz Cafe where I stuffed my face full of cookies, brownies, cakes, and other treats. There were little red velvet cakes... enough said! And you can only imagine the sugar rush all of our little ones had after that! At one point I think they were all wrestling on the floor! Ha!


Gracie, Elijah, Phoenix, and Tyler made their own Christmas ornaments and got to meet The Grinch too, but another one of my favorite areas was the Dickens Village.  Everything was so well decorated and the Christmas trees were beautiful! There was so much more for us to see and do but we just didn't have enough time to squeeze it all in.

Lastly before we left, we had to take a few photos and made a stop at the beautiful Nativity scene outside. Sadly, Jason wasn't able to go with us because he is currently on active duty, but I am already looking forward to this event next year, and having him go with us. 


Head over to We Don't Give a Hoot to see more photos from the Christmas Unwrapped event that we attended! 

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