Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Handmade for the Holidays | Gifts for Girls


If your girls are anything like my girls, Barbies just don't cut it in our house. Barbie usually ends up headless and nude and in a corner. Pretty much all of those types of toys end up discarded at the bottom of a toy box within a few days in our house... my girls don't even give it weeks. They want, want, want, in the moment, but the joy they get from these types of toys never lasts very long, and I cringe at the thought of my wasted money.

Here is a list of gift ideas that I know my girls would love and that I am sure your little princess would too. I have 3 girls, my oldest being 15 and these are definitely ideas for girls of all ages. Even I wouldn't mind having a few of these myself.

  • Katherine over at Stitched Boutique makes a variety of handmade items, including gifts for mom, but these Hootie Hoot dolls are my favorite by far! We love collecting handmade dolls, and these unique handmade stuffed owls are perfect for any little girls collection. Her custom que is currently closed until the new year, but she informed me that she will be posting a few ready to ship Hoots the end of this week and next week. 
Katherine currently has a sale in her shop and is offering free shipping with the code FREESHIP
 Or, all Six Cherries on Top readers can use the code: SIXCHERRIES for 15% off their purchase. 

  • Growing up, I had a fabulous dream catcher that always hung above my bed, and gave a small one to my oldest daughter when she was younger too. These are a great gift because whether you believe their "magic", just having one as reassurance is sometimes all a child needs to sleep better through the night. Winged Whimsy has a great variety of affordable mini dream catchers that are on sale right now and perfect as a Christmas ornament but this larger "Mermaid" dream catcher is my favorite in the shop if you are looking for something bigger. Either one can certainly be enjoyed all year long.

  • These Crayon Artist Cases from Our Little Messes are perfect for on the go. My girls LOVE to draw and color and this makes a great gift for in the car, at a restaurant, or to throw in an overnight bag when going to Grandma's house. Even my oldest daughter would love something like this to protect her expensive artist pencils when she needs to carry them along with her.

  • Joy over at Little Miss Frilly is a mom of 6 (just like me, and plus she's my sister! ha!) and has been crocheting for years now. She makes the cutest little hats and other accessories for children to adults, including these fabulous wrist warmers. They are great for those who feel restricted with a full glove, especially when all you want to do is turn up the music on your ipod, like all of my girls.
Right now, all Little Miss Frilly Facebook fans can enjoy an additional 10% off their entire purchase. 
Just follow her HERE, and then use the code FACEBOOK at checkout in the Little Miss Frilly shop. 

  • Lately, neutral colors have been pretty popular, even with younger children, and these Neutral Colored Felt Bow Hair Clips from Ktnunna (Kay-tee-none-ah) would make a great addition to just about any little girl's outfit. Even if the neutral colors aren't your little girl's cup of tea, there is a variety of other colors to choose from as well.

 Khristi's pieces are super affordable but she is so kindly offering 10% off with the code 10off
or $1.00 off any felt order with FELTLOVE when you checkout over at the Ktnunna shop.

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