Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Polyvore Files | Black, White, and Gold Christmas

Oh my goodness, can you believe how close to Christmas we are? I can not even believe it. It will come and go so fast and although, I am still ready for it all to be over, I am trying my hardest to savor every moment for the sake of my children. This is a magical time of year for them and I don't want them growing up remembering how grumpy I always was.

This year, we went totally different with a real tree, instead of our artificial one and I have done nothing but daydream of black, white, and gold Christmas decor. Didn't get that far but maybe next year, huh? Actually I love black, white, and gold fashion as well... as long as there is still red lipstick!

Last week, I changed things up by inviting those of you who celebrate Christmas, like I do, to answer a few questions. Here they are again, along with my own answers. I look forward to reading your questions too and seeing how much we have in common (or how different we all are).

  1. What is your favorite holiday movie? If you've been around here, even for a short time, you have probably heard me say a dozen times that Little Women is my favorite holiday movie. 
  2. What is your favorite soup to enjoy during the winter? I make a killer homemade chicken noodle soup that we LOVE!
  3. Which do prefer, coffee or hot chocolate? Duh, Coffee! But, I'm not opposed to drinking hot chocolate every now and then, especially if I mix it with some coffee to make a mocha!
  4. What is your favorite tart or candle scent for this time of year? My own question is difficult to answer! Ha! Probably something with cinnamon in it!
  5. White lights or colored lights on your Christmas tree? White!

New to The Polyvore Files? It's so simple to participate. Create an outfit or a room decor idea over at Polyvore, share it in a blog post, then come back here and link up.

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