Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekly Wishes #1

weekly wishes wk1

I saw that Holly had started participating in Melyssa's Weekly Wishes, over at The Nectar Collective and knew I just had to participate. I considered starting at the first of the year since this would be a great way to stay organized with my goals as well as share and inspire others, but I just couldn't hold out.

Every week we share the goals and challenges we would like to focus on as well as the results of the previous week. There is also a fun theme to go along with it that allows you to share a photo as well. Since this is my first week, I won't be sharing last weeks successes/fails, but I would like to say that after reading Holly's post, I did manage to make myself a little to do list and got quite a few things accomplished. Like FINALLY getting our Christmas tree! This is the latest I have ever put up a tree in my house. With Jason being gone a lot, the rain, and my insisting on having a real tree, the whole process was a chaotic mess.

T H I S  W E E K ' S  W I S H E S


Focus on myself for just a minute. I know this might sound a little selfish right here at Christmas, but Christmas is definitely all about my kids. I wouldn't have it any other way. There is nothing more joyous than the smiles and laughter of my children on Christmas day. However, I think that if I take just a minute to focus on myself a little, I will have a more positive attitude and be able to tackle the day no matter what is thrown at me. Some extra time to myself are simple things like taking a bath and use some of my awesome BlissBain products, paint my nails a festive color, and workout a little more since I know I will be setting aside all of my health and fitness goals for the one day to indulge in food without stressing over the damage it all will do. 
Clean the hiz-ouse. There is nothing more calming to me than a clean house on Christmas day. I will be working hard this week to make sure Santa is greeted with a toy free and crumb free path to our tree and his plate of cookies.

Bake lots of holiday goodies to share. As we continue to encourage others with random acts of kindness, we will be baking up a storm to share with family and friends, as well as strangers we wish to encourage. Last week, Elijah and I took the local fire fighters some cookies and he has done nothing but talk about doing it again ever since. Just the lesson I hoped to teach. Boom, mission accomplished!


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