Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mini Style | The Cat's Meow

Oh my goodness, snow , snow, snow! I took this photo last week when it snowed, but this morning we woke up to another 4 inches. Ugh! I have never been a big fan of the snow and the cold and winter in general. Give me all the warm sun and margaritas!

Mini Style-Phoenix-4Mini Style-Phoenix-3 Mini Style-Phoenix-2Mini Style-Phoenix-1

Hat - Walmart, $5
Scarf - Handmade, gift
Jean Jacket - Target, $20
Polka Dot Shirt - Target, $8
Jeans - Target, $12
Shoes - Converse, $30

Lately, I have been buying a lot more of Phoenix, Tyler, and Elijah's clothes at Target. They have had some of the cutest stuff there that I haven't been able to pass up. I had been wanting to get both Phoenix and Tyler a jean jacket so when I saw these at Target, I quickly threw them in my cart, along with these jeans. I got a few other pairs of jeans as well, all with adorable prints and patterns on them. I am such a sucker for kid's clothes!

I found this kitty hat by accident at Walmart, last winter, and had to get it because Phoenix loves cats and dogs so much. We can't go anywhere without having to pet the dogs or chase the cats! She won't wear any other hat, so it's been worn a ton! Definitely one of the few things I have ever purchased at Walmart that didn't fall apart.

I almost always spend a little extra when it comes to shoes. Kids are already rough on shoes and cheap shoes last just a couple of weeks with my kids. Phoenix wanted a pink pair of high top Converse, but when we went shopping, they only had them in a couple colors that she didn't like so she chose the low top style instead. Phoenix is definitely my tom boy, and hates to wear dresses, but this adorable outfit has become one of her favorites lately. 

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