Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mini Style (formerly Sartorial Kid)

I really love participating in this link up because I am a lot more intentional about taking photos of my kids. Last year, I had a whole lot of phone photos of my kids, but not very many taken with my big camera. I am hoping to put together a book at the end of the year, so taking these photos will definitely give me something to put down. I will probably add some other info to go along with the photos so that I may be able to tell a story when putting the book together.

Elijah has been the star of many of these kid's fashion posts, only because he is home with me every day and it is much easier to find the time, but I am hoping to feature the rest of my kiddos a little more in upcoming Mini Style posts. And since I have kids ages currently 4-15, I should have a variety of style posts to inspire the wardrobes of children of all ages.


Hat - Target, $8
Shirt - Target, $10
Sweater Vest - Target, $10
Pants - Target, $12
Shoes - Converse, $30

This was an outfit we gave Elijah for Christmas, that he also wore that day when we visited my Mom and her family. Elijah is the typical little boy, so every time he opened a gift that was clothing, he quickly threw it aside, uninterested. At one point he even said "Oh, wow, clothes, thanks!" in his most unenthusiastic voice. He was extremely disappointed but did remember to say "thanks", and his reaction had us all doubled over with laughter. Five minutes later he was having the time of his life in a cardboard box. I don't get it!

Elijah's favorite gift this Christmas was his Batcave and super hero figures, which also happens to be my least favorite because those things are EVERYWHERE! He hasn't stopped playing with any of it and it is always scattered throughout the house. My OCD is on overdrive!

Our Holly Days

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