Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mini Style | Letting My Kids Have Their Own Unique Style

For the most part, my kids dress themselves, even little Elijah. However, if we are ever going somewhere that I don't want my kids to look like a beat up mess (church, school picture day, etc), I try to guide them in the right direction when it comes to what they wear. I've learned to pick my battles so most days my kids go to school a little homely looking, but whatever. I have learned to call it "their own personal style".

Tyler is definitely my most "creative" when it comes to mixing and matching throughout her wardrobe. She loves sparkles, and frills, and ruffles, and bows, and glitter to the max! She also loves anything with a fun pattern on it, like zebra print, leopard print, polka dots, and hearts. And she will put all of that together to make some very interesting combos.

Don't take that as something I dislike. I totally love that she is so daring to be different.


I wish I had gotten a few more pictures that accurately depicted this outfit. At first glace the outfit she put on really is a simple one. However, underneath that sweater is a pastel pink and gray plaid button down top, and if you look closely, you can see her neon polka dot shoes. That day, even though it was Christmas and I was hoping for an outfit that was a little more festive, there was no changing her mind.


Sweater - Thrifted, $2
Leopard Print Leggings - Kohl's, $5
Shoes - Target, $10
Hair Bow - Handmade by me

Our Holly Days

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