Friday, January 3, 2014

Personal & Family Goals for 2014

The last couple of days, I have shared my Life Resolutions and Two Words for 2014. They are both ways I will refer to as I guide myself and my family through the next year. Upon creating the basis for how I hope to live, I also came up with some personal and family goals that I hope to be successful at this year as well. I will continue to share my weekly and monthly goals as well through my Weekly Wishes and break down these broader goals into easier, more obtainable, goals along the way.

Personal Goals:
  • Read: 25 books in 2014. I made the goal small since, if I am being honest, I probably read about 5 books in 2013.
  • Write letters: Write 52 letters to friends and family. One letter a week for 52 weeks.
  • Grow my blog: I would love to take this blog further this year. I took a break last year, but really want to get back to things this year.
  • Improve my photography: Practice, practice, practice! Participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday at least once a month.
  • Clean eating: Educate myself more about clean eating and prepare more meals that are clean.
  • Workout: Running is my favorite! I would love to participate in The Color Run.
  • Me time: More alone time, and doing things just for me, to refresh and refocus.  
Family Goals:
  • More time for Jason and I: More date nights and day dates for the love of my life and I.
  • Spend less: Always finding free and inexpensive activities that we can do together as a family.
  • Outside time: Try to get outside more often. Even in the winter when it is cold. It's always important to get outside for some fresh air and Vitamin D. 
  • Encourage it forward: We worked hard toward the end of the year to make sure we took the time to encourage others with random acts of kindness. I would like to keep that going because it is a wonderful way to teach children to give back. 

 Inspire me by sharing some of your personal and family goals in the comments.

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