Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekly Wishes #5


Although, I didn't get everything on my wish list accomplished, I did get a lot done last week. Considering two of those days, Phoenix and Tyler didn't have their ADHD medications and were like monkeys swinging from the trees, I would say it was a great week. I have come to realize that no matter how rotten my kids are, if my house is clean, I feel equipped to deal with it all a lot better. So, I guess I need to just make sure my house is clean and my stress levels will be lower, right? Ha! Easier said than done! Life definitely happes around here!

L A S T  W E E K ' S  W I S H E S

Concentrate on health and fitness. I won't call this done because I didn't work out at all. I was still a little under the weather, I had pink eye, the weather was it coldest it has been in 20 years, and I was super busy getting the house clean. I did drink lots of water and black coffee though. 

Start Spring cleaning. Done! My goal was to work on the bathroom, and I surpassed that! I did the bathroom, my bedroom, living room, dining room, AND got all the laundry caught up! I'd say I'm winning at this one! 

Read Little Women. Well, I did start it, but I didn't finish yet. I am a super slow reader, so I won't cross this one off until I finish!

Back to the home school routine with Elijah. I won't fully cross this one off either because although I did do some work with him, it wasn't an actual routine. It was very unorganized and not very lengthy either. I feel like such a terrible mother because I know it is my responsibility to teach him and prepare him for school since he does not attend preschool, but I just can't seem to get into it sometimes. Does anyone have any suggestions to free educational websites that are similar to ABC Mouse that are free?

T H I S  W E E K ' S  W I S H E S

Concentrate on health and fitness. Let's try this one again! Go running, drink only H20, unsweet tea, or coffee, and eat clean. 

Make 2 capes. My friend Crystalyn over at FlavorPink had a birthday recently and for her birthday she made capes for Craft Hope. As my gift to her, I signed up to make 2 capes that I will donate in her honor.

Read Little Women. I hope to finish this book this week.

Organize Phoenix & Tyler's closet. That closet is a wreck. Toys and clothes and everything else just thrown in there. 

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