Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekly Wishes #6


I never knew just how much writing down all my weekly goals would help until last week when I really started interacting with everyone and we all started cheering each other on! I love that I have this little community of like minded people. Although, we all have different goals each week, the one thing we have in common is that we all just want to finish them... we just want to feel accomplished, right?

I am such a visual person. I like to see everything all laid out in front of me. I like to organize everything and cross each little thing off on my "to-do" list along the way. Of course, it feels great to actually get things done, but there is no feeling like running over to my beautifully handwritten list (yes, I share it here, but write down as well) and crossing each little thing off. I get excited for that stuff! And I get excited for all of you as well. So far, I am falling right into alignment with my two words for 2014. Don't get me wrong, I don't always finish everything on my list, but I almost always replace it with something else that is equally important, and that's all that matters to me. 

L A S T  W E E K ' S  W I S H E S

Concentrate on health and fitness. Done! Of course, I am never really done with this one, but after coming down from my sugar high from the holidays, it was important to add it to my list so that I could get back on track. 

Make 2 capes. Done! My friend Crystalyn over at FlavorPink had a birthday recently and for her birthday she made capes for Craft Hope. As my gift to her, I signed up to make 2 capes that I donated in her honor. Not only did I make 2 capes, I actually made 3. However, we kept the third one. Elijah has been wanting a cape for awhile now, so I just couldn't make capes and not make him one. Check his out here!

Read Little Women. Okay, I give up! I really just can't get into the spirit of reading this book. It is such a holiday book for me and I just can't seem to enjoy it if I don't have a Christmas tree standing, peppermint mocha coffee in hand, and some fresh baked cookies to go along with it all. I have also really been into nonfiction lately, so I am giving up my Little Women and moving onto something else.

Organize Phoenix & Tyler's closet. I actually opened the closet up, looked for something, and closed it back. I was so close! Ha! However, Elijah's room was a total disaster so I replaced the closet with cleaning his room from top to bottom instead. The room was a much longer task so I don't regret my decision either. And, in the process, I discovered that Elijah had well over 200 cars and trucks in his room. I removed all of them except 20 or so, and plan to rotate them out every now and then. 

T H I S  W E E K ' S  W I S H E S 


Create a blog binder. Holly just shared her blog binder and I am excited to put one together myself. Organization makes me giddy! I just love it!

Make 2 capes. I had so much fun making capes last week, that I would like to make a couple more. Since one of my goals is to send at least one handwritten letter a week this year, I just might decide to send one out to someone with their letter this week as well!

Read a Book. I haven't decided which book yet, but there are several on my Kindle app that I haven't read yet. 

Organize Phoenix and Tyler's closet. That closet is still a wreck, so let's give it another shot this week. It really needs to get done. 

Participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Photography used to be a big part of this blog, I used to participate in photo challenges regularly, but got away from that over time. Recently, I have really wanted to work on my photography skills a little more and Scavenger Hunt Sunday is definitely a great way to start.

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