Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekly Wishes #7


I think I mentioned it last week, but I will say it again, I love being able to share my weekly goals with each of you. It really does motivate me to get things done. A perfect example would be from yesterday when I thought about this week's post, looked back at last week's post, and realized I hadn't gotten a couple things done. I was procrastinating about that darn closet in Phoenix and Tyler's room, so when I thought about how it had already been on my list twice and really didn't want to put it up there a third time, I quickly carved out some time and got it done. I figured that if I keep slacking off each week, you all will see it and then it may become a trend to slack off on your own goals. I would prefer to set a good example. I know I won't always get everything done, but it felt good to just get it done. So, thanks to everyone for motivating me each week!

last weeks wishes

Create a blog binder. Done! Holly just shared her blog binder last week, so I got on the ball and put one together myself. I am feeling OR-GAN-IZED!

Make 2 capes. Done! Okay, I didn't actually make any capes, but I did make an apron for a sweet friend's daughter, so I am totally counting it!

Read a Book. Done! I haven't finished the book, but I am currently reading The Power of Habit. I have actually read it before, but I am rereading it because sometimes it actually takes more than once for me to absorb some books.

Organize Phoenix and Tyler's closet. Done! Clean!

Participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Totally bombed on this one. I actually forgot that I had even added it to the list and there was no way I was going to be able to get this in at the last minute. 

 this weeks wishes

Help Phoenix Finish Her Science Fair Project. I don't want to say I am kind of taking over this project, but that's exactly what has happened. Phoenix is more than capable of doing this project on her own, but as parent's, shouldn't we at least be right by their side to guide them in the direction of the "best decisions" when putting something of this importance together? 

Work it Out. Working out has been a hard one for me because I really enjoy running and I haven't been able to get outside and run. Workout videos are my worst enemy right now. I used to love them but now I hate their guts because I have done them so many times and... OH MY GOOOOOSH... SO BORING! I am determined to push through the excuses, even if it's the simple excuse that the videos are boring, and just get it done. 

Read My Book. Finish my book!

Take Some Me Time. These days, sitting down and watching a movie or painting my nails are few and far between. I continue to feel like I should be using my time in a more productive manner, but I also know that a little time out for myself is good and I even put it on my list of things to focus on this year. So, here I go! Let's do this! Pretty nails and the movie About Time are calling my name.

Participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Scavenger Hunt Sunday is such a great way to practice my photography, so let's try this one again. I hope I remember this week!

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