Saturday, February 8, 2014

52 Weeks of Jason | Wk. 5

52 weeks of Jason - 5

Jason truly is an amazing Dad. My girls, especially Phoenix and Tyler who know no other dad, loved him immediately, and Jason took on the daddy role as if they were his own, right from the start. I never approached my relationship with Jason as a quest for a "new dad" for my girls, so I got a pretty awesome deal when I discovered all of his amazing qualities, including being a wonderful father to all of our children. 

Just this week, Phoenix had  her Science Fair project presentation, so we took the evening to go check out all of the other children's projects. Although Phoenix didn't win an opportunity to move on to the state level Science Fair, Jason was still a proud Daddy of her. As for that cheesy grin on his face, Tyler was behind me making silly faces and giving me bunny ears.

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