Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kool-Aid Valentine Handouts


For years now, I have always made my children their Valentines for friends at school. Last year, I spent the day before Valentine's Day, sewing last minute hand warmers for 50 children. This year, I have my idea in mind and I am not waiting until the last minute to get them done!

I teamed up with Chelsea over at Chelsea Beeswax, to come up with these super cute Valentines. While they are chowing down on all that sugar other friends give them, they can wash it all down with some more sugar, with these super cute Kool-Aid Valentines. Honestly, I am not a big fan of giving my kids this kind of stuff, but they only live once and holidays don't apply to the no sugar rule in our house!


Kool-Aid Valentines


You will need:

For the water bottle:

Remove the original product label on the water bottle. Cut out the free printable label and apply where the original label was. I chose to simply tape mine in place, allowing a small bit of the tape to overlap onto the bottle to hold it in place. 

Using baker's twine, tie on one Kool-Aid Singles and a straw. I actually used a piece of tape on the back of the Kool-Aid pack to hold that in place as well!

Before you tie the bow in the twine, apply one of the tags if you would like.


Alternate method:

If purchasing water bottles is not in your budget, or if you are just looking for something, not so bulky, a great alternative to this is to not include the water bottle. Simply tie baker's twine around one Kool-Aid Singles pack, along with a straw and free printable tag, and you are done!


Chelsea did an awesome job creating these super "kool" water bottle labels and tags to go along with them, and Phoenix and Tyler are so excited to give them to their friends. Be sure to head over to Chelsea's blog to print some of these tags for yourself!

Do let us know if you print these out and make them yourself! 


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