Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mini Style | A Haircut, a Bribe, and a Cute Necktie

The snow has melted, we had our fill of the white stuff, and now I am ready to move on! It is still pretty cold here in NC, and spring doesn't really start to show up until April or May, so who am I kidding? Pants and long sleeves for a little longer!

Elijah just got his hair cut as well. It was starting to look like a mullet in the back. Even though, I like his hair long, Daddy is a military man, and short hair is more his cup of tea. Usually giving him a cut is a nightmare because he is so scared of the clippers, but I bribed him this time so wasn't so bad. He tends to be quite the little stinker, so we bribe him probably more than we should.


He hardly wanted to take these photos, so I bribed him with cookies to get these photos!

He did ask ever so sweetly for Valentine cookies, so of course, I delivered! However, what you don't see here are the 5 he ate before these photos. My 4 year old needs a sugar intervention! Don't ever ask him what we should have for dinner either, because he will probably say cookies.


Shirt - Baby Gap, gifted
Jeans - Old Navy, gifted
Belt - Kohl's, $12
Shoes - Converse, $30

I love the adorable bow ties and neckties that Lindsay, from over at Sweet-n-Sassy Shoppe, makes. Check out this adorable bow tie Elijah has! He gets so many compliments on both of these ties every time he wears them!

Lindsay will be having a flash sale tomorrow on her Instagram account for some of her Valentine bow ties, so be sure to follow her there (@sweetnsassyshoppe) to pick one up for your little Valentine dude!


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