Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekly Wishes #10


Last week was super busy and although I did get a good portion of my goals accomplished, a snow and ice storm certainly put a damper on things. The kids were out of school once again, making it two months since they have attended a full week of school. We didn't even bother going out to play in it! Mean mom award!


Finish the laundry. Done! But guess what? It's piling up again! Ugh!

Health & Fitness. Done! My goal was actually to do push ups and sit ups, but instead, Jason and I went out and purchased a treadmill and I have been running ever since. I'd say I went above and beyond on this one! 

Read one chapter. Fail! What the hell, Joni!

Mail out a friend's package. The weather prevented me from going anywhere near our town's itty bitty post office. It was probably closed anyways!

Finish our Valentines. My poor girls didn't even get to attend school on Valentine's Day!

Plan a date with Jason. Done! Sushi and drinks, just the two of us. It wasn't the date we envisioned, but it was pretty darn awesome considering the weather, and the last minute plans we made. 


Plan a weekend with the kids. The kids have been wanting to go Defy Gravity, so I am thinking we will do that plus take them to the new Bass Pro Shop that opened up. Sounds like we pretty much already have it planned but I want to go ahead and pre order the Defy Gravity tickets before the time slots are filled up.

Run 10 miles. I am totally in love with our treadmill and all the running I can now do right here at home. Of course I will run at the track when the weather gets warmer, but I love that even when it is raining or I don't have someone to watch my 3 youngest littles, I can get my workout in. 

Read one chapter. This will stay here until I either feel like a failure or actually get through an entire book. 

Mail out a friend's package. There's no snow in the forecast this week, so it shouldn't be an issue.

Clean out the desks.  I have a new desk and computer on the way and I am so excited. However, I need to clean out my current desk because it is getting moved to Mackenzie's room. The desk that is currently in Mackenzie's room is massive desk and definitely not her style and needs to be cleaned out and put on Craigslist. Free desk, anyone?

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