Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekly Wishes #8


Last week was a total disaster for my goals but I am not going to let it get me down. Sometimes I have to remember that I AM a mom of A LOT of children and I can't always let my OCD and ideas of perfection get in the way of truly embracing some of the joy that comes from these unexpected times. Don't be fooled, I am not always this positive about things, but it is something I am truly working on. I've said it a few times, and I keep saying it to remind myself, that I want to go in new directions in 2014. I know that a big part of that starts with me and how I choose to see things, good or bad. 

I can hardly believe it is February already! Slow down 2014! I am moving into the month with open arms to trying new things, welcoming change, and pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. It seems scary and exciting all at the same time! 

last months wishes

Read 2 books. I started Little Women, then stopped, and I have yet to finish the second one I started. So close!

Update my blog.  I did update a few things but not the "About" page that I had originally mentioned.

Health and Fitness. Done (kinda)! My ultimate goal was to hit the track and run on days that were warm enough. If it was above 40-45 degrees, I was definitely out at the track most days. Jason and I also came to the decision to get a treadmill, so we don't have that excuse any longer. 

Date with Jason. Done! It wasn't carefully planned out like I wanted, but it happened none the less! 

Encourage it forward. Done! Not only did I make 2 capes, I made 3 capes, plus an apron!
One letter a week. Done! Minus the one from last week that I didn't send out because of the horrible weather. It had a gift in it that required a trip to the post office.

Practice my photography. Well, I definitely have been practicing my photography, but I didn't participate in the challenge that I wanted to do. Some things just can't fit into my schedule like I thought they would. 

this months wishes

Read 2 books. 

Update my blog. Let's try this one again! I really want to update my "About" page and add Passionfruit Ads back to my "Sponsors" page.

Health and Fitness. Purchase a treadmill. 

Date with Jason. 

Encourage it forward. Make a few hair bows for a friend's daughter.
One letter a week. 

Step out of my comfort zone. That is such a broad thing to say, but I often turn things down or shy away from them if I feel like they will put me in the spotlight, especially if I fail. One of those times is going to come and when it does, I will hopefully decide to go for it instead!

 last weeks wishes

This is the part where I show you that I am only human and sometimes I fail! Sometimes, BIG TIME! Last week was a total bummer with my goals! 
Help Phoenix Finish Her Science Fair Project. Well, we started it and then the whole project came to a halt when I had printer issues.

Work it Out. So, I did work out. I went to the park and ran ONCE. Then a NC blizzard swept in, keeping the kids at home for the rest of the week, and I wasn't able to do much else except play in the snow and entertain them!

Read My Book. Read it but didn't finish it! It's pretty hard to read a book with kids who have cabin fever running all around you!

Take Some Me Time. Ha! Yeah right! 

Participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Didn't do this one again this week either. Just throwing that one in the pile of failures for now!

 this weeks wishes

Help Phoenix finish her Science Fair project. This must get done! #1 on my list this week!

Fitness. I think this one will show up on my list week after week! It's such an important thing for me!

Read my book. Finish my book!

Take some me time. Let's try this one again too! Pretty nails and the movie About Time are STILL calling my name.

Tackle the laundry. I swear, if I miss one day, it completely throws off the laundry in our house and soon there is a mountain to deal with. Well, we have a mountain, people and it's time to dig out from under it!

Unplug a little more. I won't lie, sometimes I spend a little more time than I should on my computer, phone, and the Ipad. Whether it's blogging, checking emails, updating my status, liking your photos, pinning the next craft, or just reading something (instead of my book). This week, I would like to unplug a little and actually enjoy it!

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