Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekly Wishes #9


Last week was incredibly busy for me. On top of meeting my weekly wishes, all these other little things popped up for me to do, and some days I wouldn't sit down until late at night. And even then, most nights I couldn't shut off my brain and I would be up until the wee hours of the morning. I have a feeling that I have another busy week like that ahead.


Help Phoenix finish her Science Fair project. Done! Her project was awesome, and we attended the Science Fair at her school Thursday!

Fitness. Done! I guess I should have said health and fitness here because I didn't actually work out, but I got back on track with clean eating and V3 and knocked it out of the park. I lost 4 lbs. last week. How is that even possible? I chugged water like nobody's business, kept busy, and ate clean. I'd say last week was a success.

Read my book. I feel so ashamed! I didn't even look at my book once. I just can't seem to make this a priority for myself. I absolutely love reading and remember the days when I could knock out at least 3 books a week.

Take some me time. Done! I didn't get to paint my nails like I wanted, but I did watch the movie About Time. It took me damn near all day to watch it with all the interruptions, but I watched that movie and enjoyed it.

Tackle the laundry. Well, I wouldn't call it tackling the laundry, but more of a gentle nudge. I hardly got half way through it all. 

Unplug a little more. Major FAIL! I'm a blogger with lots of blogging stuff to do. It's pretty hard to find a good balance!


Finish the laundry. This one will actually get done. Wanna know how I know? Because one of the NCO's in Jason's platoon will be staying the night with us and since we enter our house through our laundry room/mudroom and I CAN NOT have anyone seeing that massive pile of laundry we have adorning every square inch of that room.

Health & Fitness. Do push ups and sit ups every morning and night. I remember last year when I couldn't even do one of either and built up my strength to do around 30-40 push ups and about 100 sit ups. And although I didn't get ripped doing them, I could tell a big difference from them. This may also be the week we are able to get our treadmill. Fingers Crossed! In the meantime, check out the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Giveaway I have going on if you are working on your health and fitness goals too.

Read one chapter. Okay, let's break this goal down into a really simple one. If I can't manage to pick up that book and read one chapter by the end of the week, then I have real issues. It might take me until the end of eternity to read this book, at least I will be reading it, am I right?

Mail out a friend's package. I have a package for a friend that I need to get sent off. And honestly, I just keep forgetting about it. So, perhaps if I add it to good ol' list here, I will remember! 

Finish our Valentines. I need to finish the cute Kool-Aid Valentines I shared last week, for them to take to class this week. Elijah handed out the Disney's Frozen Olaf Valentines to his Sunday School friends yesterday and they were a BIG hit!

Plan a date with Jason. It's been awhile since we have been on a REAL date! Jason will be in Missouri for a month in March, so I really want to do something amazing with my man! Plus, it's Valentine's week, duh! My wheels are turning already about plans for a wonderful night. 

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