Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dressing My New Body with Mary & Mak

Since loosing so much weight in the last year, my style has definitely changed. I was so self conscious of how I looked before and often wore clothes that hid all of the rolls and trouble spots. I felt very frumpy and unattractive, and didn't even enjoy shopping for clothes for myself because I knew that no matter how beautiful the pieces were, they just weren't going to look that great on my body.

However, since I've lost the weight, I have been more excited about shopping for clothes. I enjoy putting outfits together on Polyvore, going into shops and trying things on that actually fit my body, and looking in the mirror at a body that I am proud of. I'm no supermodel, but I have a body that I worked hard to get, and it has opened up a door to a whole new me. A me that loves eating healthy, working out, and dressing in feminine clothes.



Mary & Mak is a clothing boutique dedicated to preppy and trendy fashions that are right up my alley. Even before having children, I have never been one to show off my body. Luckily, with Mary & Mak fashions, you can still have that sexy feminine flair, and still leave some of it up to the imagination. They are so versatile I could definitely wear any of these pieces during a day out with my family, a night out with Jason, or even to church on Sunday. And surprisingly, even Mackenzie has been eyeballing some of the Mary & Mak pieces for herself, like the Navy Anchor Cap Sleeve Dress and the 5-Pocket JeggingsLuckily there is a Mary & Mak in our area, so Mackenzie and I are already planning a mother/daughter date to go shopping. 


Be sure to head over to Mary & Mak and check out all of their latest fashions! And as a special gift to all Six Cherries on Top readers, right now, you can also get an additional 5% off your entire purchase when you use the code BLOGGER-JM at checkout!

You can also follow Mary & Mak on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date about sales, other discount codes, and when new items are added to their website. 

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