Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mini Style | Long Hair, Don't Care


It has been pretty nice outside for the last several days and we have taken full advantage of it by getting outside as much as possible. Amongst our busy weekend, we even made it out to my Dad's house. We always love going to Poppy's house because he has a great yard for playing in. We spend a lot of time out there in the Summer, cooking out, chalking in the driveway, and eating lots of popsicles and ice-cream sandwiches. Even this past weekend, the kids got to enjoy a small taste of what's to come this Spring and Summer. 


This is the same house my Dad has ever lived in, he built it right after I was born, so I have spent my entire life playing in this yard and in this driveway. I love that I can share it with my own children now.  


Polka dot shirt: Target, $8
Skirt: Old Navy (many years ago... it used to be Mackenzie's), $?
Leggings: Walmart, $3
Boots: Kohl's, $19.99
Belt: Thrifted, $1

This is an outfit that Tyler put together. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, I just like to put that out there because there are times when I do make "suggestions" or put together some of her outfits. I don't do that often though. 


Can I just point out how long my baby girl's hair is getting? She absolutely refuses to get it cut. Not that I want it cut, but I often give her the option to get it cut, when I am cutting Phoenix's hair, only if she wants and she always says "NO".  I've said it before, but I love how incredibly girly she is.


Our Holly Days

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