Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Polyvore Files | Backyard Oasis

The warm weather we have had this week has got me to thinking more and more about how I would love for my backyard to look this Summer. I love spending time outside and on our back porch, but I would love for it to be a little more inviting and user friendly. It will definitely be a work in progress, and may not get it all done this year, but I look forward to taking it on and making it a space we love.

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This space will most definitely revolve around food. Clean and healthy food, of course! And a place to gather with friends and family, grilling out, enjoying fresh fruits and veggies, sipping on refreshing drinks, sitting by the fire pit and having fun conversations. I'm already excited!

1. Lighting is key, including string lights for those late nights outside. 

2. Indoor/Outdoor rug 

3. There must be an area for my container garden. I love growing fresh veggies like cucumbers, but love tomatoes and hot peppers for my fresh salsa the best!

4. A fire pit is a must. Great for roasting hot dogs and S'mores!

5. A smoker grill is the best. It's what we currently have and we love it. Not pictured, would be all the Bobby Flay cookware to go with it! Heck yeah!

6. We have a small love seat type sofa now, but I would love to have a larger seating area with fluffy outdoor pillows. 

7. I was a little torn between a picnic table and a regular table, but figured the round table is more grown up. I would still love to have a full size picnic table for the kids that I can place somewhere in the yard. 

8. These can be used as stools or small tables. I love that they are versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. 

9. A tall side table where I can serve up yummy foods on cute dishes! 

10. More seating! I really wanted to make sure we have enough room to sit. Just our family takes up 8 seats, so when friends come, perhaps with their children, I really want everyone to sit comfortably. 

This is what I would do with the space we currently have to work with, but Jason will definitely talk to you all day about the outdoor kitchen he promises we will one day have. Believe me, I am definitely looking forward to it, but since we know that this house is not our forever home, these are what would work best for now. 

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