Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekly Wishes #16


I will definitely be needing a lot of coffee to get me through this week! My Keurig died on us recently and I never knew how much I actually counted on that little machine to get me through my days until I didn't have it any more. Just more excuses to go to Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, right?

last weeks wishes

Declutter.  I don't have much more that I can get rid of! Ha!

Health and fitness. I am totally checking this off even though I didn't do the Blogilates. I started the week off slow, but then I got my groove back and ran my miles, even breaking some records of mine. I drank tons of water, ate super healthy, and even threw in some push ups, sit ups, and squats. 

Start planning for the Easter Bunny. I am super excited about the ideas I have for Easter baskets. I can't wait to share them with you, probably next week.

Do some research on ADHD. I have a new idea I am going to try out soon and can't wait to share that with you too... if it works! Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

Start planning Mackenzie's 16th birthday. I talked to Mackenzie and the ideas she has for her 16th birthday are pretty simple. It involves one or two friends, sushi, and the Child's Play movies. Sounds crazy, huh? I have a few surprise ideas of my own too. 

this weeks wishes

This week is seriously going to be THE busiest week I have had EVER, so I am keeping my goals pretty simple this week. 

Don't freak out. My "To-Do" list is so long this week that I have been having internal conversations with myself about not freaking out if I start to feel overwhelmed. Take a look at everything going on this week, and then send me something to calm my nerves!

  • Phoenix's last week of theater practice - Practice every single day after school, and then the play is Friday night. 
  • Mackenzie starts Driver's Education - Every single day after school for the next few weeks. 
  • Teacher conference with Phoenix's teacher.
  • Meet up with Erica from Loyal RUN.
  • Finish editing some bridal portraits I took and then meet up to deliver them. 
  • Pick up Elijah's birth certificate. 
  • Elijah's Kindergarten physical doctor's appointment. 
  • Pick up race packet for Color Me Rad (which has to be done in advance, so I can't do it the day of the run). 
  • Color Me Rad 5k run. 
  • Military family appreciation event
  • Tyler's growth and development doctor's appointment 
  • Elijah's Kindergarten registration

Luckily, Jason comes home this week also, and we are super excited about that. The kids know he will be home this week but they don't know when, so I can't wait to see the smiles on their faces! 

Health and fitness. Run 6 miles and drink at least 80 oz. of water a day. This is in addition to the Color Me Rad I will be running. 

Declutter. I am determined to fill at least one grocery bag a day with stuff we no longer need. I had been filling large boxes and bags, but now that I have gotten rid of so much, I will continue with smaller bags.

Tomorrow is the first day of April, but I am so busy this week, I will share the monthly wishes I accomplished from March, next week, as well as the ones I hope to accomplish for April. Have a lovely week!

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