Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mini Style | Yellow Balloons


Elijah has two sides lately... super happy or super grumpy! We never know which little person will greet us each day, so we brace ourself for grumpy Elijah and sigh a sense of relief when we discover it's happy Elijah. Today, so far, it's happy Elijah, and thank goodness for that. We woke up listening to music, dancing around the house, and just being silly, since Mother Nature is apparently having separation anxiety with Winter. We woke up to a finger numbing 32 degrees. But, it was perfect weather for this adorable outfit we just received from Carolyn over at Yellow Balloons


Elijah loves this monster outfit and hasn't wanted to take it off since he put it on! Carolyn is mom to one of my best blog friends, Audrey, from over at Classy Mustachey, and I was so excited when she told me her mom was opening her own shop of handmade children's clothes. I wish I had a pair of these Lil' Cowboy Boots when Elijah was an infant! And this Owl Swaddle Blanket is just about the cutest thing ever!


I love Carolyn's attention to detail on the custom made outfit she made for Elijah. Before making Elijah's outfit, she asked me about his style, his favorite colors, and some of his likes. She totally hit the nail on the head with this outfit since we have been calling Elijah our little monster since he was born. She even sent an extra little monster buddy that he has been carrying around in his pocket and sleeping with every night.

And let's just talk about this outfit! Check out those little knee patches, one with a monster! Is that not the cutest thing ever? Elijah has already been trying to decide what he is going to carry in that front bib pocket. Right now he is carrying one of his Hot Wheels cars around up there! Typical boy!

Carolyn started sewing as a young girl and has been sewing nonstop through the years, for her 7 children, and now her grandchildren. Everything is made with love, but she enjoys making custom pieces, adding colors and designs, to fit individual personalities. 

Head over to Yellow Balloons Etsy shop and check out some of Carolyn's other items, and be sure to favorite her shop while you are there! You can even receive 10% off your purchase right now by using the code SIXCHERRIES10 at checkout! And be sure to like Yellow Balloons on Facebook where you will find a code for free shipping!


Overalls: Yellow Balloons
Jacket: Tony Hawk for Kohls
Hat: Shawn White for Target
Shoes: Converse
Monster Buddy: Yellow Balloons


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