Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekly Wishes #20


What a week! By week's end, I basically crashed, so I didn't get nearly as much done as I had hoped. But, needless to say, I rounded out the weekend with a productive Sunday, so that's good. 

last weeks wishes

Get the laundry caught up.  Done! I did multiple loads of laundry every day last week and actually got what felt like a never-ending battle, finished. Of course, laundry is never actually finished, but as long as I maintain one load a day, things should stay under control.

Health and fitness.  HUGE FAIL!
  • Eat clean - great M-F but the weekend got me. 
  • Drink 80 oz of water a day - for the most part. 
  • Run 6 miles - I did absolutely NO running last week. 
  • 100 push-ups for the week - None of these either. 
  • 200 sit ups for the week - Zero!
  • 300 squats for the week - I did 150.
  • Work on pull ups - Nope! 
  • Step out and move about - I got outside quite a bit this weekend. 

Read a book. I am reading Gone Girl, another book I have had for over a year and think it's time to read before the movie hits theaters. Didn't get far into it, but I made an effort to read, so I am checking this off since my goal wasn't to finish.

Help my Mom with my Grandmother's stuff.  I miss my grandmother like heck, but we got it done, and I even got her vintage bed sheets, something I actually did want. That's what took me so long with the laundry this week. I had about 40+ sheets to wash. 

Start a cleaning schedule.  Definitely got started and am already feeling better. A filthy house is a huge stressor for me. It actually makes me depressed.

Bible Study with the kids.  We talked about Jesus and prayed a lot but we didn't do the Bible Study together like I had wanted.

Finish our Fairy Garden. Worked on it some, but didn't finish.

this weeks wishes

Quite honestly, I am exhausted! I feel tired and lazy, and like I am just not getting enough rest. So, I am totally making this week mine! I can't just let the house fall apart, so I always have to maintain that, especially with all the work I put in last week, but I am adding lots of stuff for just me this week.

Give myself a pedicure.  I usually just do a quick paint of my nails and I'm done. This week, I want to take the time to really give my feet some attention with a soak and scrub, then a fun design.

Health and fitness.  I like this little system I have going so I am going to keep at it.
  • Eat clean
  • Drink 80 oz of water a day
  • Run 6 miles 
  • 100 push-ups for the week
  • 200 sit ups for the week
  • 300 squats for the week
  • Work on pull ups. 
  • Step out and move about

Read a book.  Hopefully finish Gone Girl and then maybe start on another book from my list.

Work on the blanket I am crocheting.  My mom gave me all of my grandmother's crochet stuff and I immediately dove into making a blanket. I really want to make some progress on it this week. 

Stay up to date with cleaning.  Maintain a clean house using Flylady for cleaning. I personally love it and have been very successful with using the Flylady methods in the past. I purchased her book last year, which I recommend for starting out because the website can be a bit overwhelming. I would like to get back on track and maintain a clean home so that we can spend more time outside playing with the kids, instead of inside cleaning.

Bible Study with the kids.  This really shouldn't be that hard for me, but it is. The kids get a Bible Study page every Sunday at church, but they usually end up doing it themselves without me. I really want this to be something we do together.

Finish our Fairy Garden. We started a fairy garden with the kids last week. Ever since seeing the movie Epic, months and months ago, the kids have wanted to build one. We finally got around to it! Yeah, I know the movie isn't really about fairies, but that's what they call them.

Start a TV series.  I almost never watch TV, but I have been wanting to take some time to watch a new series. I actually do like watching TV, I just don't have the time. Not sure what I should watch though. What do you recommend?

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